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vacation in hawaii

It’s true. The sun is out year-round, the hibiscus are always in bloom and you’ll never need to wear a coat or boots. So what makes spring in Hawaii so special? While you can enjoy many activities in paradise all year long, there are a few reasons that make it worth traveling to Hawaii in the spring.

Full of fun and aloha, Hawaii is the place to be year-round. But here is our list of spring-tastic reasons you should visit Hawaii this season:

Beaching is Perfect

Unlike the high surf that crashes Oahu’s north shore in the winter or the big sets that roll into the south shore during the summer months, the sea is typically calm and inviting in the spring. From early March through May water temperatures trend near the high 70s and the shining sun keeps temperatures balmy in the 80s. Which makes it the perfect time of year to dip your toes in the water without having to deal with hordes of surfers, choppy waters, and chilly temperatures.

Great Deals

It might be hard to believe but travel to Hawaii is actually less busy in the spring than during the summer or winter months. Following the week of spring break, April through early June is considered off season for Hawaii travel and with that comes bargain prices for hotel reservations and airfare. That’s more kala (money) in your pocket that you can put towards filling up on your favorite island food and activities!

Merrie Festivities

A number of special events only bloom once a year in Hawaii. You can immerse yourself in the aloha spirit and Hawaiian heritage with a number of cultural events such as Mele Mei, the annual Hawaii Arts, Crafts & Food Festival and of course, the Merrie Monarch Festival on Hawaii Island. Honoring King David Kalakaua, the Merrie Monarch festival perpetuates the art of hula through art exhibits, craft fairs, demonstrations, performances, a Ho’olaule’a and a three-day hula competition that is renowned for its historic and cultural significance. For more on the Merrie Monarch festival visit our blog.