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Roberts Hawaii Foundation

A Letter from Roy Pfund, President/CEO - Roberts Hawaii

Roy PfundI am pleased to announce the launch of the Roberts Hawaii Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to empower employees to give back to their communities and the environment by providing financial resources to assist in your efforts.

Through the Roberts Hawaii Foundation, funds will be allocated to support employee driven and run, charitable causes that align with the company’s values and mission. Some examples may include supporting education and youth development, promoting environmental sustainability, and addressing social and economic issues within our community.

By supporting employee-led initiatives and causes, the foundation aims to create a positive impact in our community and improve the lives of the people in it.  We encourage all employees to get involved in this exciting new initiative and help us make a difference.

Thank you for your dedication to Roberts Hawaii and for your commitment to giving back. We look forward to seeing the impact we can make through the Roberts Hawaii Foundation.


Mahalo nui.


Empower Maui’s Recovery Efforts by Donating through Roberts Hawaii Foundation

maui volunteersJoin us in making a difference! In the wake of the recent fires in Maui, Roberts Hawaii Foundation is rallying support to aid our community’s recovery efforts. We invite you to contribute to our initiative by making a donation that will directly benefit our affected employees, their families and community. Your generosity will provide vital resources and assistance to those affected by the fires. To be part of this meaningful cause, please reach out to us via email at [email protected]. Together, we can stand strong and support Maui’s resilience. Thank you for your compassion and solidarity.



Mokumoa cleanup before 03Unleash your potential and make a significant difference in our community! The Roberts Hawaii Foundation proudly celebrates its latest triumph, the Mokumoa Clean Up, championed by our dedicated employee grantee, Dorothy Ene. This marks the second successful project of the Foundation, validating our commitment to empowering our staff and fostering positive change. Dorothy (seen in the jacket on the left) led the effort with exceptional grace and tenacity, demonstrating the incredible impact one individual can make.

Are you the next Dorothy? Are you ready to lead a project close to your heart? It’s time to bring your vision to life with a grant from the Roberts Hawaii Foundation.

Apply today and let’s together brighten Hawaii’s tomorrow!


The Robert’s Hawaii Foundation is created to empower employees to give back to their communities and the environment by providing financial resources to assist in their efforts.

The Roberts Hawaii Foundation grant embodies the spirit of aloha, offering our ‘ohana at Roberts Hawaii a chance to make a positive impact and give back to the communities we cherish. Our employees can use this funding to support community outreach, initiatives that enhance our ‘āina, and address local social issues.

We encourage creative and innovative solutions to tackle the environmental challenges faced by our island communities. In addition, the grant can be utilized to organize events that align with the foundation’s mission, such as community cleanups, beach restoration projects, and feeding our houseless neighbors. Together, we can strengthen our local communities and preserve the beauty of our home, Hawai’i.


The Roberts Hawaii Foundation understands the significance of  thriving, sustainable communities in our beautiful islands. It impacts every aspect of life, from our daily routines to raising keiki and shaping the future. Our mission is to provide grant opportunities to our valued Roberts Hawaii employees, empowering them to give back and nurture the growth of our local communities and ‘āina. Together, we can make Hawaii an even more amazing place to call home.


With the Roberts Hawaii Foundation grant, we aim to foster self-sustainability, practice mālama, and express our heartfelt mahalo to the neighborhoods and communities that have nurtured and shaped us into who we are today. As members of the Roberts Hawaii ‘ohana, let’s unite in our shared commitment to care for our home and each other, honoring the true essence of Hawai’i.


  1. Fostering self-sustainability: Encouraging employees to contribute to the development of resilient and sustainable communities.
  2. Practicing mālama: Supporting initiatives that care for the environment, preserving the beauty and resources of Hawaii.
  3. Empowering employees: Providing grant opportunities to Roberts Hawaii employees, enabling them to make a meaningful impact in their local communities.
  4. Encouraging innovation: Supporting creative and innovative solutions to address environmental and social challenges faced by Hawaii’s communities.
  5. Strengthening community ties: Organizing events and initiatives that promote the foundation’s mission, such as beach restoration projects, community cleanups, and feeding the houseless.
  6. Expressing gratitude: Recognizing and celebrating the neighborhoods and communities that have shaped the employees of Roberts Hawaii, reinforcing the sense of belonging and pride.


We believe in empowering our employees to make a difference, which is why we’re introducing a unique initiative where YOU take the lead. With Roberts Hawaii grants, you’re not just a part of our team, you’re the driving force of change in our community.

You can launch a project that speaks to your heart, with categories that cater to a diverse range of interests. From community service, such as local clean-ups, disaster relief, meal assistance, supporting Hawaii-based organizations, 501c3 organizations, schools, and sports clubs maintaining good standing, to working on environmental initiatives, including research, development, and introducing innovative solutions to address the environmental challenges faced by Hawaii’s communities, such as beach restoration.

We are inviting you to step forward, plan, and lead!

Show us your passion, your commitment, and how you plan to take part in your chosen cause or initiative. This is your chance to be the change you wish to see in our beautiful island community.

Together, we can make Hawaii an even better place! Let’s join hands and hearts as we continue to strengthen our shared values and commitment to Aloha!


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