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Roberts Hawaii Airport Transfer Services


To help protect the well being of guests amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, we now offer Shared and Private Transfer services between Resort & lodging properties and the major State of Hawaii Airports.

If you’ve already booked one of our services and would like to upgrade your reservation to our Private Transfer service (additional fees apply) or for additional questions please contact [email protected] or (808) 439-8800.

Sit back, relax and start your vacation!

Safety Guidelines

You are very important to us and we care about the well being of our guests and employees. Please adhere to these temporary COVID-19 guidelines.

  • Facemasks that cover the mouth and nose are required for all guests. Young children unable to keep their face masks on or guests with a medical condition that prohibits the use of a face mask, will be exempt form the face mask policy.
  • Hand sanitizers are on each Roberts Hawaii vehicle readily available and encouraged to use for all guests
  • You will find that some seats on the vehicle are blocked off for social distancing. Changing of seats or moving to an unopened blocked off seat is not allowed.
  • Temperature checks are mandatory prior to boarding. If guest has a temperature, they will not be allowed on the vehicle and will be asked to return back to their lodging property and self isolate. (Departure Only)
  • Boarding is done from rear to front to minimize cross contamination.
  • Please be informed of Hawaii’s local mandates before coming to our islands. For more information on Hawaii’s local COVID-19 regulations, Click Here

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