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outdoor activities for the ohana

Summer is right around the corner – and there is no better time than right now to start thinking about your summer vacation in the Hawaiian Islands!

Yes, Hawaii is the perfect getaway for couples, but rest assured that the islands are also a great destination for that family vacation you’ve been thinking about. On your visit you will definitely want to opt for some of the usual tourist activities like sightseeing, sunning and swimming at the beach and shopping – but we’ve also gathered a few other ideas to get your family out and about in the islands.

With 70 degree temperatures year-round and clear skies, there’s no question why visitors and locals of Hawaii love the outdoors alike. From dining to hiking and everything in between – the islands are full of activities that are just waiting to be discovered.

Here are four outdoor activities the whole family will enjoy:

Party at a Luau

If you’re looking for a fun time and ono (delicious) food, then you’ll definitely be wowed by a traditional Hawaiian luau. While there, you and your ohana will party Hawaiian-style as you feast on a traditional Hawaiian meal that includes popular delicacies like kalua pig, fish, and poi. Family members of all ages will dig the traditional Hawaiian imu ceremony and the opportunity to see a roasted pig removed piping hot from an underground oven. Then kick back as you enjoy traditional Polynesian entertainment that features musical performances inspired by Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa, and Tahiti. Click here to book your tickets for the hottest party in town.

Take a Hike

Literally! The only thing better than seeing Hawaii’s beautiful scenery and majestic landscape is taking it all in firsthand. And with so many hiking trails in Hawaii, there are definitely a few that are family friendly. Put on your hiking boots (or at least pack a pair of trusty sneakers), a light hat and lots of sunscreen for a roughly one-mile trek up Diamond Head Crater to take in a panoramic view of Waikiki. Or layer on the bug spray and prepare to get dirty with a forest hike through Manoa Valley where you’ll be rewarded with a cascading waterfall that makes for the perfect backdrop for a family photo. No matter where you decide to venture don’t forget to fill your water bottles and pack a snack for the journey.


Sunbathing is fun, but snorkeling will take your love for the ocean to a whole new level. The entire family can uncover what lies just beneath the sea-face swimming with schools of fish. While you can snorkel at just about any beach, popular snorkel-friendly shores include Hanauma Bay in Hawaii Kai and Shark’s Cove on the North Shore. You can purchase a pair of goggles, snorkels and swim fins at almost any Walmart or ABC store on the island. Or you can also opt to rent gear from a nearby equipment rental shop — just don’t forget to bring along sunscreen and towels!



Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center

You already know that in Hawaii we say “aloha,” but did you know that in Samoa they say “talofa”? At the Polynesian Cultural Center you and your tribe can learn about Samoa and other Polynesian cultures by voyaging through seven Polynesian villages, each with information and activities from that host culture. While there you’ll also want to be sure that you make dinner reservations for their Hawaiian luau and get tickets for the popular evening show HA: Breath of Life. Book your trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center by clicking here.