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Chinaman's Hat Beach

There’s no question about it, Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit if you find yourself looking for a vacation of warm weather and sandy toes. The water temperatures are perfect for soaking in year-round, the palm trees are always swaying, and the aloha spirit welcomes you at every corner.

There’s so much adventure waiting and with so much to see and do, how do you possibly take it all in? To be honest you probably can’t – at least not all in one trip. Which is why it’s best to arm yourself with the answers to the questions that every visitor – and some locals – face when in paradise.

We know that making decisions can drive you coconuts, especially when you’re trying to decide which bikini or pair of board shorts to pack (just bring them all). But here are a few #firstworldproblems questions that you’re bound to face on your next Hawaii visit:

What beach to go to?

The common struggle for visitors and daily question for locals is deciding where to kick it in the sand. Do you visit the calm waters of Lanikai on the east side of Oahu or do you stay on the west side and wade around Ko’olina? Maybe you want to experience the big swells on the north shore? Or never go farther than a few steps from your hotel and stay in Waikiki? While no one may ever agree on the “perfect” beach to settle at for the day, the good thing is that no matter where you end up, there’s bound to be blue skies, clear water, and warm sand.

What luau to attend?

No vacation is complete without a party and in Hawaii, there ain’t no party like a luau party! Though all luaus celebrate the local culture with ono (delicious) food and live entertainment – each luau has something that sets it apart. In Hawaii luaus are often thrown for celebrating milestones such as first birthday parties, graduations, and weddings – but you can attend a luau with us year around. Take your pick online at

Where to get the best malasadas?

If you don’t know what a malasada is when you get to Hawaii, you’ll definitely know by the time you leave. A fried and fluffy pastry rolled in sugar, malasadas are the Portuguese cousin to traditional doughnut holes – that unexpectedly made its way into the hearts (and mouths) of residents around Hawaii. Being a popular staple in the islands you would think that finding a malasada would be an easy task, right? Not quite! Although you can grab a malasada – or a dozen – at almost any bakery around the island, each bakery prepares them differently, and every local resident has their favorite. From custard stuffed and plain or filled with coconut pudding, choosing you flavor is just as fun as deciding where to grab one. Our tip? Try them all!

What island to visit?

For years you’ve dreamt about sipping Mai Tai’s on a beach in Hawaii, but did you think about what island you’d be sipping them on? If not then choosing the perfect island for your trip is just the beginning. Although most guests default to visiting Oahu–Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island also offer their own experience. From exploring the volcanoes on the Big Island, snorkeling on Maui, or hiking on Kauai each isle offers its own unique adventure you won’t be able to experience anywhere else.