There’s no question about it, Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit if you find yourself looking for a vacation of warm weather and sandy toes. The water temperatures are perfect for soaking in year-round, the palm trees are always swaying, and the aloha spirit welcomes you at every corner.

There’s so much adventure waiting and with so much to see and do, how do you possibly take it all in? To be honest you probably can’t – at least not all in one trip. Which is why it’s best to arm yourself with the answers to the questions that every visitor – and some locals – face when in paradise.  

We know that making decisions can drive you coconuts, especially when you’re trying to decide which bikini or pair of board shorts to pack (just bring them all). But here are a few #firstworldproblems questions that you’re bound to face on your next Hawaii visit:

May 26, 2017| Hawaii Travel Guide

It’s true. The sun is out year-round, the hibiscus are always in bloom and you’ll never need to wear a coat or boots. So what makes spring in Hawaii so special? While you can enjoy many activities in paradise all year long, there are a few reasons that make it worth traveling to Hawaii in the spring.

Full of fun and aloha, Hawaii is the place to be year-round. But here is our list of spring-tastic reasons you should visit Hawaii this season: 

April 25, 2017| Hawaii Travel Guide

Summer is right around the corner – and there is no better time than right now to start thinking about your summer vacation in the Hawaiian Islands!

Yes, Hawaii is the perfect getaway for couples, but rest assured that the islands are also a great destination for that family vacation you’ve been thinking about. On your visit you will definitely want to opt for some of the usual tourist activities like sightseeing, sunning and swimming at the beach and shopping – but we’ve also gathered a few other ideas to get your family out and about in the islands.

With 70 degree temperatures year-round and clear skies, there’s no question why visitors and locals of Hawaii love the outdoors alike. From dining to hiking and everything in between – the islands are full of activities that are just waiting to be discovered.

March 29, 2017| Family Fun