With so much to love about Hawaii, it’s only natural to want to celebrate your romance in the islands. And with scenery straight out of a picture book, it’s easy to show aloha for the one you adore any day of the year.

And you don’t need to celebrate a honeymoon or anniversary to make the most of your Hawaii vacation. The truth is, any spot can be considered paradise when you’re with your special someone. But here are five romantic and swoon-worthy Oahu date ideas that will sweep you and your ku’uipo (sweetheart) off your feet.

March 08, 2017| Hawaii Travel Guide

Photo by: Salty Glass Co.


Breathtaking coastlines, ono (delicious) food, the warm aloha spirit and crystal clear waters are some of the most common reasons for planning a Hawaii vacation. But trust us, there's more reasons to book your ticket and reserve a hotel room than meets the eye. 

From newly restored shopping centers to fresh dining options, Oahu is blossoming with buzz worthy destinations and new attractions for the whole family to try. If the 30 degree weather isn’t enough of a reason to trade snow drifts with sandy beaches, here are our top four reasons to visit Oahu in 2017:

February 10, 2017| Hawaii Travel Guide

Last month we recognized the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. On that infamous morning of December 7, 1941 hundreds of Japanese fighter planes attacked Pearl Harbor Naval Base, inciting the start of World War II. In a little under two hours the surprise attack managed to kill about 2,000 American soldiers and nearly destroy 20 naval vessels, eight battleships and 300 planes.

It’s hard to believe that this tragedy was so long ago, but the memory and effects live on to this day. From sunken battle ships to memorials — guests flock year-round to visit Pearl Harbor to remember what took place 75 years ago.

January 19, 2017| Hawaii Travel Guide