One Day Hilo Circle of Fire Helicopter & Hilo Volcano Tour

Quick Details

  • Tour Duration (not including flight time):  8 hours
  • Availability: Daily
  • Departure and Return to Waikiki: Varies, depending on flight schedule

Get A Bird’s Eye View of Hawaii’s Natural Beauty

Depart from Oahu and head to the Island of Hawaii, known fondly as the “Big Island”. Your tour begins aboard our luxury motor coach where you will sit back and enjoy the ride as we take you on a journey of Hawaii’s newest and youngest volcanic island! You will learn about the seismic activity that’s been a constant on the Big Island and the culture that sprang up around it. See volcanoes and ancient lava beds while discovering the legends meant to explain these natural phenomena. Along the way take in some of the most unique scenery Hawaii has to offer. Your adventure continues with an afternoon helicopter tour where you will see tropical rainforests and waterfalls of the Big Island as well as take in the views of the newly formed landscape from the 2018 Kilauea Eruption. By the tour’s end, you will know exactly how and why volcanoes occur.

(NOTE: Route subject to change without notice due to the ongoing volcanic activity as our guests’ safety is our top priority.)

Tour Overview (* denotes stops made, ** denotes stop if parking available)

  • Volcano National Park* – Home to one of the world’s most active volcano – Kilauea, steam vents, volcanic craters and more.
    • Kilauea Visitor Center (Bathroom)*
    • Volcano House**
    • Steam Vents**
    • Halemaumau Lookout**
  • Big Island Candies Factory* – A true taste of the islands and home to the world-renowned Chocolate Dipped Macadamia Nut Shortbread Cookie.
  • Imiloa Sky Garden* – A garden restaurant featuring a locally inspired lunch and beautiful views of Imiloa’s native Hawaiian landscape.
  • Rainbow Falls State Park* – A public recreational area where there is a majestic waterfall that cascades 80 feet over a lava cave. It is aptly named because rainbows are often seen in the rising mist.
  • Hilo Airport* – The helicopter portion of your tour begins here as you embark on a breathtaking flight bringing you close to lava that’s become newly formed land and the results of volcanic activity. (Please note, if the helicopter flight is cancelled due to poor weather or other unforeseen reasons, you will visit Richardson’s Black Sand Beach and Liliuokalani Garden instead and your rate will be adjusted.)

Please be advised in the event of a Government Shutdown the National Parks currently will have limited access available to the public.

  • Chevron down Important Information
    • Due to limited availability, we require that ADA vehicle reservations be made a minimum of 48 hours prior to date and time of service. Roberts will make all reasonable attempts to accommodate the needs of the disabled traveler.
    • For electric wheelchairs or scooters: The combined weight of the wheelchair and guest cannot exceed 500 pounds, the maximum width of the wheelchair cannot exceed 29 inches.
    • Not all stops on this tour are ADA accessible.
    • All passengers will be weighed at check-in. Guests weighing 251 pounds or more will be required to purchase a comfort seat.
    • Wear sturdy, covered walking shoes, dress comfortably and bring a light jacket.
    • Dark colored clothing recommended for helicopter flight to minimize reflection/glare from windows.
    • Locations/Routes may be modified due to National Park and State Park advisories.
    • No guaranteed sighting of active lava flows.
    • Snacks and small food items available for purchase at Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Factory.
    • Food and Beverages available for purchase at the Imiloa Sky Garden Restaurant at approximately.
    • All guests must bring a valid ID for airport security check-in. International guests must bring a valid passport for airport security check-in.
    • Your safety and comfort are our No.1 priority. Tour highlights are subject to change without notice and may vary at tour driver’s discretion to take into consideration National Park Service advisories, weather advisories, traffic advisories, road closures and detours, venue hours of operations, etc. Tour features can change daily as we cannot predict weather and lava viewing conditions. We do not guarantee sighting of lava flows. Surface lava flows may be present but may not be visible due to environmental conditions or time constraints. If conditions permit, walking/hiking on rough, uneven lava surfaces is involved.
    • Weather is unpredictable. Anticipate both sun and rain conditions.
  • Chevron down Cancellation Terms
    • No shows will incur full charges. No refund.
    • Once purchased, this tour fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and the tour cannot be cancelled. Due to airline restrictions, passenger name changes are not permitted under any circumstance, and switching airlines may not be an option. Airline change penalty fees may apply and vary by airline and fare type.