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Bringing back a slice of paradise from your latest visit to Hawaii is an essential part of any trip to the islands. While you can’t take home a piece of the breathtaking sunsets, aloha spirit or warm gentle waters, you can find your own little piece of the islands to treasure for years to come.

And while snapshots and photos on Facebook are great, there is nothing like a small token to help transport you to salty, sandy shores. Here are just a few of our favorite souvenirs to snap up on your next Hawaii vacation.

Hawaii Oahu Tour

Aloha Shirt:

What better way to show your love for the islands than by wearing it on your sleeve? Since the 1960s, residents of Hawaii have embraced the boldly colored shirts in vivid patterns. Grab a few for the men in your life to show off on Aloha Friday from one of our favorite aloha shirt shops, Bailey’s Antiques & Aloha Shirts. Here prices can range from under $5 to $8,000 and with thousands of aloha shirts as well as a wide selection of antiques, you will be hard pressed to leave empty handed.

Local Coffee:

Local coffee has been heating up the caffeine scene for some time. And Hawaii is home to one of the largest coffee crops in the United States. Take a sip of some of the islands’ infamous 100 percent Kona coffee and you’ll see what everyone is java-ing about. It may sound counterintuitive to visit a store you can find back home, but Whole Foods Market is one of our favorite picks for their wide selection of local coffee from Kona, Maui, Kauai and more. Grab a few bags of Kauai Coffee or Kau Coffee for your coworkers back home. (HINT: You can even see where some of these coffees are grown on our Hawaii Grand Circle Island Tour!)

Hawaii-Made Jewelry:

Island-inspired jewelry is the perfect daily reminder of a vacation as beautiful as your new ring or bracelet. Incorporating different items such as shells or made by local designers, these accessories are as precious as your memories. For quality, investment pieces we’d recommend Maui Divers Jewelry, which offers a wide selection of pieces including Hawaiian heirloom designs as well as pearl and coral jewelry.

Macadamia Nuts:

You won’t be shell shocked to hear that a popular island treat for family and friends is also a local favorite – macadamia nuts. Whether you prefer them plain, salted, honey roasted, or chocolate covered, there’s a macadamia nut option for everyone. Dating back to 1881, the islands’ volcanic soil and rainfall have contributed to the Aloha State’s production of more than 49 million pounds of the popular crop. If you’re on Hawaii Island a visit to the Hamakua Macadamia Nut Farm – a popular stop on our Hawaii Grand Circle Island Tour — is a must. Trust us, you’ll go nuts for these delicacies.


No matter where you go a great gift that always gets a stamp of approval is a postcard from your getaway. Jot a quick note and send them to family and friends back home or collect a dozen and keep them as a memento of your different activities and adventures in paradise. Pick some up while you’re stocking up on other travel necessities at ABC Stores found throughout Waikiki.


The Hawaiian ukulele is well-known throughout the islands as a staple of Hawaiian music and culture. Ranging from decorative, brightly colored instruments to custom-made koa, this symbolic guitar-like instrument comes in a variety of price ranges and makes the perfect souvenir for small children and adults alike. For a special, quality instrument, strum on over to Kamaka Ukulele which has been hand crafting ukuleles in Honolulu since 1921.

From volcanoes to plantations and mountains to gorgeous beaches, Hawaii has a little something for everyone. Make sure to stock up on memorable souvenirs to keep a little aloha with you until your next visit to paradise. See you on the next wave.