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Beautiful pies and cakes at Zippy’s.

Photo by Natalie Schack

By: Natalie Schack

Let’s talk parties. Christmas and Thanksgiving are just at our tails, and we’re going to take a wild guess and say you’re probably feeling a bit overbaked right now. There’s still a whole year of celebrations around the corner, but who’s still got time or energy for additional kitchen duty?

We say: Take a break. When there are as many amazing bakeries putting out some next-level pies and cakes as there are on Oahu, there’s no reason to slave over the oven. Plus, with every picnic, bbq and party happening, now you’ve got one more excuse (“big enough to share!”) to buy one of these delicious creations. Because who can eat a whole cake themselves? Don’t tempt us.

Piece of cake. (We had to!)

1. Zippy’s chantilly cake

Hawai‘i loves its chantilly frosting, and when you taste it, you’ll see why. Ultra-buttery and decadent, it’s a sweet treat worthy of any celebration.

2. Ani’s sweet potato haupia pie

Purple okinawan sweet potato gives this baby from long-running local bakery, Ani’s, its wow power. The luscious, dense texture of coconut-meets-sweet potato, all in Ani’s expert crust, though, is what will really charm fellow partygoers.

Hawaii Oahu Tour

Hawaii Oahu Tour

3. Lee’s custard pie

On holidays, this Chinatown staple has a line down the street, starting at 5 a.m.! Why? Their simple-but-perfect custard pies have won over locals.

4. Diamond Head Bakery lemon crunch cake

Sharp lemon, airy cream and crunchy toffee bits — this unusual, iconic creation from Diamond Head Bakery, which is nestled right at the base of the famous Diamond Head crater, gets five stars from us – and every other guest you’ll feed it to!

5. Ted’s Bakery chocolate macadamia nut cream pie

Ted’s Bakery is located all the way up on the North Shore of Oahu. Luckily for all of us, their fame precedes them—and you can purchase their delectable cream pies (haupia is another perennial favorite) at grocery stores all over the island.

6. Hawaiian Pie Company’s POG pie

If you don’t try one of locals’ favorite beverages while you’re in town, POG (passion orange guava juice), you’re missing out. Hawaiian Pie Company took POG fever to the next level, with a fresh, gourmet take. The pie is filled with passion fruit, orange and guava — and even better than the original.

7. Liliha Bakery’s guava chiffon cake

Chiffon cakes are ultra-light and sponge-like, and adorned with whipped cream and a syrupy guava topping. Liliha Bakery, from the Kalihi neighborhood of Honolulu, is one of the go-to bakeries for this pretty, sweet concoction.