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Family Fun

Waikiki: The Playground of the Pacific

3.15 Waikiki playground

Located on the south shore of Honolulu, the world-famous neighborhood of Waikiki was once a playground for Hawaiian royalty. Translated in Hawaiian, Waikiki means “sprouting waters,” named for the springs and streams that separated Waikiki from inner Oahu. In fact Waikiki consisted of wetlands until the 1920s when the government began construction on what would…

Presents from Paradise – Giving Omiyage


Do you have a family member or friend who is always jetting off to a cool new city? Tokyo one month. Peru the next weekend. And they always bring back a small gift for you from their travels. Well now is the time to return the favor. Here in Hawaii the practice of bringing back…

Hawaii Activities for Any Age – Keiki to Kupuna


Age is just a number. So while your drivers license may say 70, you really feel 17. And that means you don’t want to fill your Hawaii vacation watching the young ‘uns have all the fun. So what better way to show the kids and grandkids how adventurous you really are, than to fill your…

We’re Not Kidding Around – the Perfect Hawaii Activities for Your Young Family


Whether you’re three or 73, Hawaii has the perfect activities to bring the kid out of anyone. No matter what island you’re on or what your ohana’s (family’s) interests are, you can plan a day to circle round the island of Oahu, go horseback riding on the island’s windward side, get wowed at a local…

Hawaii Family Activities to Familiarize Yourself With!

Sea Life Park dolphins

Ohana means family, which in Hawaii means no one gets left behind on the family activities. With so much to do in the islands you and your family will never get bored. Whether it’s wowing the kids with an authentic Hawaiian luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center, taking in a frighteningly fun evening exploring Honolulu’s…

An Icy Treat that Warms the Soul


When many travelers book a trip to the islands they’re ready to trade in the inclement weather back home – hail and 30-degree temperatures in April?! — for Hawaii’s balmy trade winds and sunny skies. And what better way to cool off in the islands than with some local flavor or shave ice (locals typically…

Hawaii’s Humpback Whales: The Gentle Giants’ Yearly Visit

Heart Tail

Hawaii enjoys several kinds of seasonal visitors to our shores each year, visitors that have become iconic, a pivotal part of the Hawaii experience. Tourists throng beaches heavily in our winter and summer months. Giant surf arrives on the North Shore every winter, attracting thousands of surf crazed visitors from all over the world. An…

Hanauma Bay


History Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is among Hawaii’s most pristine natural resources, rich and vibrant with a staggering array of marine species. In 1990, the City & County of Honolulu developed a plan to protect and preserve Hanauma Bay, which by then had suffered environmental degradation caused by three million visitors per year. That plan…