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Photo Credit: Salty Glass Co.

While Hawaii may not experience the same sizzling temperatures as other states, the high humidity can – on rare days — make local life seem like a sauna. While the islands are better known for their blue skies and clear ocean waters, it’s important to prepare and pack accordingly, so that you can stay cool and comfortable throughout your Hawaii vacation.

Here are just a few things you should think about adding to the packing check list to help you and your family beat the Hawaii heat. Trust us, it’s cool to plan ahead!

Water Flask
Although you may spend most of your time sipping on Mai Tai’s and Pina Coladas, it’s definitely a good idea to stay hydrated and add some water to the mix. Having a water thermos or your favorite hydroflask on hand makes it easy to keep cool without having to hunt down a bottle at a nearby store or find a nearby water fountain. Just toss your empty water bottle into your carry on before you head to the airport and you can also fill it up after passing through the security checkpoint. Just remember to fill it up before you head out from your hotel every morning and the cost of staying hydrated on vacation is just a drop in the bucket.

With so much to think about before leaving for a vacation, it’s often easy to forget packing for your peepers. Don’t leave home without sticking your favorite pair of sunnies in your carry-on. Whether you’re sunbathing at the beach or shopping at Ala Moana Center, sunglasses are a staple for any outdoor activity and will not only protect you from the sun but also keep you looking stylish. Who knew being cool could actually look cool.

Waterproof Sunscreen & Lip Balm with SPF
There’s nothing better to bring home from a vacation than a nice tan. But there’s nothing attractive or fun about a hot pink sunburn and flaking skin. Don’t forget to bring your go-to high SPF (and waterproof) sunscreen to protect your body from the shame of scorched and damaged skin. Also, bring your favorite SPF lip balm to avoid blistering lips while enjoying those salt sea kisses. While the convenience store around the block is likely to carry a few of the most popular brands, having sunscreen on hand also means you can go straight from the runway to rolling in the sand. Just rub in and roll out.

Cap off your packing list with your favorite hat to sport on a bright, hot day. Whether it’s a beachy fedora to protect your face while digging your toes in the sand or a casual baseball cap to provide some shade on an island hike, a good hat will not only protect your face from the sun’s rays but also help to keep you cool while you enjoy the island’s great outdoors.

Keep your feet cool in the islands with a pair of your favorite flip flops or “slippers” as they are called in Hawaii. Not only will this type of footwear help to keep your toes comfortable in the humidity but they’re also incredibly practical – taking you from a day at the beach or pool to a night at your favorite local bar.