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Header photo: by Natalie Schack

Photo by Natalie Schack

Festive, local Christmas Cards to Give This Yuletide Season


Little notes and trinkets that let people know you’re thinking about them can speak serious volumes. That especially goes for when you’re living it up in Hawaii during this time of year, when your frostbitten friends back home may be envying your tropical getaway. And, did you know the holidays are one of the busiest times of the years in the islands? What can we say: Our balmy December weather is kind of the best gift you can give yourself.

But that doesn’t mean you should forget about your pals back home. You may not be able to send them a box of sun, surf and sand while they’re having their white Christmas and you’re lounging beachside. But you can share a little bit of the island love, with a note that’s a more than a few levels up from your typical postcard: local Christmas cards! ‘Tis the season, after all, and our talented, local makers, illustrators and letterpressers have amassed enough cute, charming, beautifully made holiday cards to keep all your loved ones abroad feeling the Yuletide aloha. Check out nine of our very favorites designs.

All you need now is a mini lesson in Hawaiian to add to your postcard greetings: Mele Kalikimaka! (Merry Christmas!)


1. Lauae Mele Kalikimaka card by Bradley and Lily. Photo from
2. Christmas palm tree by Matsumoto Studio. Photo from
3. Christmas coral by HontasHiga. Photo from HontasHiga Etsy shop.
4. Narwhal holiday illustration by Ocean Paper. Photo from
5. Tropical wreath by Mistprint. Photo from Mistprint Etsy shop.
6. Hawaiian Santa by Wild Aloha. Photo from Wild Aloha Etsy shop.
7. Seas & Greetings by Bradley & Lily. Photo from
8. White christmas beach by HontasHiga. Photo from HontasHiga Etsy shop. Gingerbread man in boardshorts by Nico Made. Photo from Nico Made Etsy shop.