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Big Island Green Beach

In Hawaii, we preserve the value of “Malama ka ‘aina” (caring for the land). This is the notion of caring for and living in harmony with the land.

With so much natural beauty around us, showing aloha and taking care of our island home is even more important than ever so that we can ensure a green Hawaii for generations to come. Here are some easy ways to do your small part to “malama ka ‘aina”, reduce your carbon footprint, and keep your next Hawaii visit eco-friendly:

  • Pack Light: Did you know that just an extra 10 lbs in each traveler’s luggage can require an additional 350 million gallons of jet fuel? Take advantage of Hawaii’s 80-degree tropical weather and avoid packing heavy clothing and stick with light layers. You can also check with your hotel since many provide towels and other necessities for guests. *Do remember to bring proper attire and walking shoes if you’re planning on doing a volcano or sunrise tour. Check out our important information section online for further info as well.


  • Bottle It Up: Do pack light, but don’t forget to pack your favorite reusable water bottle! Using a reusable water bottle cuts down on plastic waste. Having your water bottle to fill up is also convenient and reminds you to stay hydrated which is even more important in Hawaii’s balmy weather! And you can avoid the pit stop at a gas station for drinks – which can add up to an additional $20 a day!


  • Buy Local: When and wherever you travel, think about buying local products as much as possible instead of food or items that have been flown or shipped in overseas. Not only does it support the local community but you can also enjoy produce and products that you might not find at home. Farmers’ markets are a growing trend in the islands and feature an array of local farmers and made-in-Hawaii items. Click here for a list of weekly markets popping up around Oahu. Or take home a taste of the islands with our new Hawaiian Crown Airport Ready Pineapples!


  • RECYCLE: If you’re staying at a hotel, ask the concierge about the hotel’s recycling program and sort your trash accordingly. Also be aware when going to public places, since many malls and visitor attractions offer separate trash and recycling bins.