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holidays in hawaii

5 Ways Hawaii Does Winter

BY: MARIA KANAI While winter in Hawaii isn’t quite full of typical, traditional Christmas images: white snow, sweater weather or a roaring fireplace, we’ve got plenty of Christmas spirit of our own! Here are some of our favorite ways we do winter … island-style! 1. Holiday Feasting You know it’s a party when there’s a pile of slippers (slippahs)! crowding the front door. Our Christmas parties tend to morph into an all-day, potluck-style feast with a revolving door of guests: parents, kids, aunties, uncles, tutus, friends, grandkids, and so on – maybe because we live in a state where so many homes are made up of multi-generational families. Some of our family-favorite dishes during the holidays include: Kalua turkey: Slow-cooked shredded turkey with a deep, smoky-salty flavor Pumpkin crunch: All the aunties make this! The crust holds a sweet pumpkin…