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Waikiki Ocean Thriller

See a whole new side of Waikiki when you set sail from one of our water attractions. Experiences like the Waikiki Ocean Thriller, truly allow you to SEA Hawaii’s open ocean set against the stunning backdrop of Diamond Head.

On a boat you can experience a whole new point of view of the islands’ marine life and watch them in their natural habitat. Tours include a visit to “Turtle Canyon” a popular spot to spot the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle and feature boats that sit low in the water, bringing you even closer to the ocean and the brilliant aquatic life just below the surface.

The Waikiki Ocean Thriller sets sail six days a week (it is closed on Wednesdays) with departure times at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., and 12 p.m. Each tour is approximately 45 minutes long.

For those who have never found their water legs or who may be pushing off from land for the first time here are a few tips to get you anchored:

  • Stay protected from the sun! Sun can be fun if you’re looking for a tan, but too much rays can be harmful to your skin. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you head out for the day and bring some to reapply right before or after you get on the boat. Since you’ll be on the water we recommend a waterproof version, which you can find at any convenience store in your hotel or in Waikiki.
  • Don’t pet the animals. While you may be tempted to reach out and touch the honu (turtles) as they lazily drift by, it’s important to remember that some of the animals you encounter are endangered species and to touch one is considered a federal crime. And since these creatures are – after all – wild, for your own protection you should keep hands and toes to yourself to avoid any curious creatures who might mistake you for a snack.
  • Prepare to waterproof. Snapping a selfie out at sea is a definite must do, but our technology can’t always withstand the salty and damp elements. Before your trip make arrangements to snap up a waterproof camera or a waterproof case for your phone.
  • Leave the props at home! It’s always a good idea to wear a hat when outdoors, but when out at sea that’s a different story. The ocean breeze can easily blow away caps, sunglasses, and other loose items such as scarves, so it’s probably best to leave them back at your room. Jewelry and other valued personal items should also be left on shore to avoid the chance that they disappear overboard.
  • Bring a water bottle. Hydration is key with any outdoor activity – especially when you’re spending the day in the sun. And as ironic as it is, spending an hour on the water can make your body desperate for just that. Don’t forget to fill up your favorite water bottle before leaving the hotel or grab a few from the nearest convenient store for your family.