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Hawaii Island Airport Transfer Service

Now offering Private Transfers services between the Kona Airport and select lodging hotels. Browse your choices below!


Currently Unavailable


KOA ⇄ Hotel lodging | Starting at $179.50

*Private Transfer – Please make sure to note the passenger and luggage capacities
**Transfer prices vary based on actual lodging destination

Thurston Lava Tube



Discover the ease of Kona Airport Shuttle Services

Experience an ideal journey from Kona International Airport to your terminus with our efficient Kona Airport Shuttle service. If you are touring for business or leisure, our dedicated shuttles ensure a smooth and tension-free journey.

Efficient transportation solutions:

  • Our Kona Airport Shuttle offers comfortable pickup and drop-off opportunities, providing you with flexibility and comfort.
  • With punctual outs and arrivals, you can depend on us to get you to your destination at the correct time.
  • Our experienced drivers are knowledgeable about the place, offering insights and tips to enhance your travel experience.

Comfortable and convenient travel

  • Relax in our comfy shuttles equipped with modern amenities, guaranteeing a nice trip.
  • Our spacious shuttles can adjust your luggage, offering you comfort and ease of mind.

Explore the Big Island with ease.

  • Upon arrival, write an essay about your Big Island experience with confidence, knowing that dedicated transportation is waiting for you.
  • Explore the beauty of the Big Island at your own pace with our shuttle service as your suitable mode of transport.
Ready to experience the convenience of our Kona Airport Shuttle? Book your shuttle service now and enjoy a seamless transfer to your destination.