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The Big Island

The Island of Hawaii, commonly referred to as the Big Island, is the largest island in the Hawaiian chain and home to one of the most active volcanoes in the world Kilauea, which is situated at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Mauna Kea, the island’s other natural wonder, is a dormant volcano which holds the title of world’s tallest mountain at over 33,000 feet when measured from base to summit. (Its base on the sea floor is over 20,000 feet below sea level.). You won’t want to miss out on this fabulous Big Island volcano tour.

The Big Island offers a unique array of world class visitor activities. A popular sightseeing activity is the Hawaii Circle Island Tour, showcasing impressive natural wonders ranging from volcanoes and tropical forests to its famous black sand beaches.


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One Day Grand Circle Island

See the organic beauty of the Big Island in this all-day adventure, full of lava fields and amazing black sand beaches.

One Day Hilo Volcano Special

Visit the lava beds and smoldering craters while discovering the legends behind these natural phenomena in this all-day adventure.

Grand Circle Island Tour

See the organic beauty of the Big Island in this all-day adventure, full of lava fields and amazing black sand beaches.

Hilo Volcano Special Tour

Visit the phenomenal lava beds and smoldering craters while discovering the legends behind these natural phenomena.

Snorkeling & Cocktail Cruise

See spectacular species of tropical fish, manta rays, and whale sharks in this sensational snorkeling excursion.

Fun Facts

Flourishing Rainforests
and Majestic Waterfalls
On the Hamakua Coast you’ll be surrounded by majestic beauty and unique places to explore. The region offers dramatic, freshwater falls carved into tall, tree-covered bluffs emptying into the ocean. Here you’ll find Hawaii’s highest mountain, the dormant volcano Mauna Kea with a flourishing tropical rainforest and spectacular views of the ocean. Quaint residential communities and old plantation towns offer excellent shopping and dining.
A Lush, Dramatic Oasis
Hilo appears as a lush, tropical oasis in the midst of the Big Island’s vast, volcanic regions. Creating a grand introduction into the volcanic area, Hilo offers the perfect respite before beginning any geographic exploits. It’s a destination where you can take in vibrant, colorful scenery and do a little shopping and dining.
The Big Island’s Rugged Side
The region of Puna is part of the sweeping lava fields that cover so much of the Big Island. Chalky black, grey, and rust-colored swaths of old lava flow spill across the land creating this rugged Hawaiian landscape.
A Geographical Wonderland
For a closer look at Hawaii’s geographical phenomena, you can’t beat taking a trip to Kau. This region is the home of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Kilauea , one of the world’s most active volcanic masses. All the past volcanic activity created a number of Kau’s most distinctive features, including amazing black sand beaches.
A Garden-like Landscape and
Not-to-be-missed Coastline
In Kona there’s coffee. The fragrant, world-famous beans grown in this region are certainly worth a visit. The lushness of the coffee trees offers a spectacular sight. Kona, however, also has some of the most beautiful, uninterrupted coastlines around. Popular place for snorkeling, deep-sea fishing and seasonal whale watching, this is where exotic marine life abounds.
A Diverse Landscape of Lava Fields and White Sand Beaches
The Kohala Coast is a study in contrasts. The expansive, black lava flows pop against the backdrop of an intensely blue sky and turquoise waves. The landscape gently flows from one contrasting scene to another. As the lava fields diminish, the luminous white sand beaches begin, creating the perfect foil for the saturated hills rolling inland. This region of the Big Island offers a fantastically diverse collection of sights and is an ideal place for seasonal whale watching.

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