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One Day Oahu – Day At Pearl Harbor: Beyond the Call to Duty

Operated by Hoku Hawaii Tours

Quick Details

  • Island Hopping: Maui to Oahu
  • Tour Duration (not including flight time): 10 hours
  • Availability: Daily
  • Departure: 5:00 a.m. depending on flight schedules
Child (Ages 2-11)

Beyond the Call to Duty Tour
(in collaboration with Hoku Hawaii Tours)

This tour features all five museums & memorials, including the Pacific Aviation Museum. Price covers all admissions, lunch, and airfare. Round trip transportation from your Maui accommodations are available for purchase. This tour lasts about 9.5 or 10 hours. You may actually meet one of the last survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack on this tour. He’s 90 years old! Bring your camera!

This is the hassle-free way of having guaranteed reserved movie and shuttle tickets to the USS Arizona Memorial. No waiting in long lines to get tickets for the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, and the Battleship Missouri Memorial.

We book and coordinate your flights and tour on Oahu for a worry-free trip.

Tour Overview (* denotes stops made)

  • Pearl Harbor Visitor Center* – Welcome to Pearl Harbor, your gateway to American wartime history. Here you get to visit monuments and museums, see exhibit galleries and displays, and learn from Pearl Harbor survivors.
    • “Road to War” and “Attack” exhibit galleries – These galleries located at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center display personal memorabilia, dramatic photographs, artifacts of the battle, and more.
  • USS Arizona Memorial* – The USS Arizona Memorial is the final resting place for many of the ship’s 1,177 crewmen who lost their lives on December 7, 1941. It is a place of contemplation, inspiration, and reflection. Please note: The USS Arizona Memorial is NOW OPEN as of September 1, 2019. Learn more 
    • Narrated Audio Tour at USS Arizona – Features the voices of Pearl Harbor survivors and noted National Park Service Pearl Harbor historian Daniel Martinez. Narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter of actor and WWII veteran Tony Curtis. Audio tour includes the USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, and the “Road to War” and “Attack” exhibit galleries and displays.
  • USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park* – Enjoy a narrated audio tour of the submarine (designated a National Historic Landmark) and learn about her wartime service. Explore the world of submarines in the museum and on the waterfront. Exhibits include weapon systems, photographs, paintings, battle flags, original recruiting posters, detailed submarine models, and a Poseidon C-3 missile that allows you to examine its inner workings. It is the only one of its kind on public display.
  • Battleship Missouri Memorial* – Meet the Mighty Mo, the last battleship commissioned by the U.S. and the site of Japan’s WWII surrender. Walk in the footsteps of Gen. Douglas MacArthur as you envision the battleship’s most famous historic mission.
    • Battleship Missouri Memorial walking tour – Walk in the footsteps of Gen. MacArthur and experience the battleship’s most famous historic mission.
  • USS Oklahoma Memorial
  • Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum* – View historical warplanes, fighter jets, and bombers, including the remains of a Japanese A6M2 Zero that was part of the attack on Pearl Harbor. If you look closely, you can still see the battle scars on the hangar from the attacks on Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941.

Please be advised in the event of a Government Shutdown the National Parks currently will have limited access available to the public.