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Top 10 Tips from Twogood Kayaks

By Ruth Blum

Want to go kayaking but have never been before?

Thanks to the friendly staff at Twogood Kayaks, we’ve got you covered! Here are the top ten tips to remember when you head out on one of their exclusive kayaking tours.

  1. Tie/strap down all your equipment.
    You don’t want your snorkeling gear, lunch or other belongings going on a voyage without you.
  2. Bring water shoes, a hat, and sunscreen or a rash guard.
    Twogood Kayaks offers some exclusive trekking as part of their tours and it is much more enjoyable if you aren’t trying to make your way across sharp lava rocks in bare feet. You will also be out in the elements with little protection so make sure you wear a hat and reef safe sunscreen (look for one that uses zinc oxide or titanium dioxide instead of avobenzone or oxybenzone) to protect our marine life. The best option, though, is to simply wear a rash guard or long sleeve shirt as that prevents any chemicals from washing off into the ocean and harming fish and coral. And you never have to worry about reapplying! Twogood Kayaks has these to rent or purchase at their shop so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.
  3. Don’t walk behind the kayak.
    While it is natural for us to follow close behind when staff is helping pull your kayak into the water, don’t! A rogue wave can easily swing it sideways and injure you.
  4. Get in okole-first (your bum).
    When attempting to climb aboard, the safest and easiest (and least humorous) way to clamber on is by going okole (the Hawaiian word for your behind) first.
  5. Hold and use the paddle properly.
    This makes each stroke much more effective. Hold the paddle shoulder-width apart with the long side up, shorter curved side down, and concave side facing back toward you. When you stroke on the left, punch with your right hand, pull with your left hand, and brace with your left leg. To stroke on the right, mirror everything. Ensure that the paddle blade is perpendicular to the kayak so you get the most power with the least energy. Remember, in a tandem kayak, the person in the front is in charge of setting the pace and the person in back matches them. So if something goes wrong, just blame the person in the back! AKA, ladies always sit in front. Life lessons, right?
  6. Take lots of photos!
    You will have a fantastic time on your tour so make sure you bring a waterproof camera or phone case. If you didn’t, no worries! Once again, Twogood Kayaks has you covered: they sell great little waterproof phone sleeves so you can capture all those priceless moments.
  7. Safety first!
    Even if you are a competent swimmer, the ocean is unpredictable. Never turn your back on it and wear a lifejacket. It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Listen to your guides; they are there to keep you safe and if you fail to pay attention, you jeopardize both your life and theirs.
  8. Don’t tip! Your kayak, not your guide.
    Kayaks obviously work better when you’re in them rather than when you’re bobbing next to them. But if you do happen to tip, just stay calm. Your lifejacket will keep you afloat while you get your kayak right side up and you can continue on your merry way, just more wet than before.
  9. Do tip!
    Your knowledgeable guides are trained to keep you safe while having a great time and they work really hard. Tipping 10-20% for good service is customary but even a small tip of $5 per person is still appreciated and shows your gratitude for their hard work and service. Did we also mention it’s expensive to live here?
  10. Have fun!
    You came out to spend an enjoyable day on the ocean so leave worries and time constraints behind. Relax and enjoy a bit of Twogood Kayak’s unique form of aloha!

To book one of Twogood Kayaks exclusive tours, contact Roberts Hawaii. You won’t regret it!


Roberts Hawaii Travel Blogger Ruth Blum is an avid hiker, ocean-lover, and foodie (lau lau, poke and acai bowls please). For recommendations, follow her on IG @adventures_of_ruthb and shoot her a DM. 

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